If you're going to change ball, try this!

Kenny Monaghan

11 March 2024

Have you ever stopped to think about why you play with the golf ball you do?

Whether you have a go-to brand or are more motivated by price, we’re all creatures of habit when it comes to our equipment.

However, if you’ve never experimented with different golf balls and never been guided into a model that suits your swing, it’s likely you’ll be missing out on some performance gains!

Modern golf ball manufacturers make different golf balls to suit certain play styles, and whether you’re looking to cut your handicap or get as much spin on the ball as possible, Titleist will have a golf ball in mind for you.


Titleist Pro V1 golf balls


If you watch just 5 minutes of tour golf, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen a player striking a Pro V1 golf ball. So, what makes Titleist’s Pro V1 one of the most popular and sought after golf balls? Well, it excels in just about every category of performance.

The Pro V1 gives you excellent distance off the tee. Titleist has used gradient core tech when engineering the latest generation to take your shots further, and the high-flex casing gives you more long-game spin. The outside is just as impressive as the inside, and thanks to the soft cast urethane cover you’ll get tangible control and feel on your strikes hitting into the green. At every stage of a golf hole, the Pro V1 will help you perform your best.

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Titleist AVX golf balls


Titleist has engineered the AVX range of balls to help you hit it further while still providing you with a silky soft sense of feel. With a high-gradient high-speed core and outer urethane cover, your strikes will feel great hitting through the ball, and go the extra yardage to get you closer to the green. The unique dimple design has also been carefully constructed to help your ball sail further through the air.

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Premium Titleist Golf Balls

Model BallFeelLong Game SpinShort Game Spin
Pro V1SoftestMidHigh
Pro V1xSoftHighHigher



Titleist Velocity golf balls


As the name implies, the Velocity golf balls give you fast ball speeds on impact, securing you that much-sought-after extra distance. With a fast-speed core and octahedral dimple design, the Velocity flies off the tee and your shots will soar with a high ball flight.

This ball is also a real gem throughout your short game and also features a feel-enhancing coating. If you’ve not tried one yet, you should experiment with the fascinating matte orange, green, and blue versions of the Velocity. Besides being fun they’re also highly visible and inspire confidence when you’re standing over them.

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Titleist Tour Soft golf balls


While golf is a fascinating game where new boundaries are always being made at the peak end of the game, Titleist are also finding new ground on making balls easier to hit for the broader player.

The Tour Soft balls are among the softest feeling Titleist has ever produced. These balls have a fast and large core that helps the ball feel butter-smooth when your club comes into contact with it. Not only does this ball feel great to tee off with, you’ll get plenty of great feel when you’re hitting into the greens too.

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Performance Titliest Golf Balls

Model BallDistanceFeelFlight
Tour SoftHighSoftestMid

If you feel you could do with some guidance when it comes to golf balls, we’d be happy to point you on the right path and give you our expert opinion in the pro shop.

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